Roof Moss can cause all types of problems, water ingress, tile damage, added weight on your roof as it retains water.

As well as this it is unsightly and your home insurance may not cover certain repairs if your roof has moss on it. (Check your cover)

At Transparent Cleaning and Maintenance we offer a full roof moss removal service. We remove the moss with a blade to match your roof tiles shape and then treat your roof with a professional Biocide treatment. This kills any remaining moss spores e.g. between the tiles and supresses regrowth.

We never power wash which can strip the coating from your roof tile and cause more damage to the roof. As well power washing doesn't get any moss between each tile, instead all that water will help it to thrive between the tiles.

We can give your roof an instant knew look once the moss is removed and the treatment continues to work long after we gone. The bio continues to reactivate with rainfall (something we never have to wait to long for in the North West) the bio will also clean the appearance of the roof tiles, giving the roof not just protection from moss but also a cleaner look.